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Belt Sander – Belton CL Type

Ideal for sanding and grinding in narrow spaces, recessed areas and on curved surfaces.

Belt size 10 mm: B-10CL

Belt size 20 mm: B-20CL, B-20CL-A(the Idle Pulley is supported on both side)

Belt size 30 mm: B-30CL

Belton CL-type NITTO KOHKI.jpg

NITTO KOHKI Belton Sander CL Type

Video demo :-

Technical Specs for NITTO KOHKI Belton Sander

~ Features of the new Belton CL Type ~

For B-10CL / B-20CL / B-30CL

・Improved durability of motor due to advanced material motor vanes

・No need to replace the whole housing for repair due to replaceable bush at valve stem

For B-10CL / B-20CL

・Stronger Body and Guard due to improvement of material and structure

・Long life Tension Bar due to improvement of structure For B-20CL / B-30CL

・Ready for using Anti-vibration Handle

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